HSI and Intalere

HSIsolutions is a partner with Intalere, a national group purchasing organization (GPO), that is a member based (90,000 members) and uses the combined purchasing volumes of members to create leverage in the market place and drives down pricing.

Intalere offers a comprehensive suite of services to empower healthcare providers to better manage their entire non-labor spend with the ultimate goal of assisting its membership to deliver superior care.

Additionally, it offers a unque group of solutions that are custom tailored to a facility needs to address revenue enhancement, labor, item master data management, purchased services, benchmarking, and patient population management.

HSIsolutions has a team of supply chain professionals with over 35 years of healthcare experience available to assist its member facilities in areas of project management, inventory control, contract utilization, and product selection.  This team partners with Intalere to coordinate networking opportunities, educational sessions and coordination of expense management solutions.

For more information visit their website at www.hsisolutions.org or contact:

John Schreier                                                                  Dan Gannon

Director of Supply Chain                                                Account Executive

701-354-0316                                                                  701-471-4588

800-548-2744                                                                 dgannon@hsisolutions.org