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Who Does What? Distinguishing Between Governance & Mgmt Roles &

Date: 04/11/2019

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Course Curriculum

Distinguishing between governance and management is a challenge confronted by many boards and their executive teams. Well-meaning, skilled trustees want to make a difference for their hospital and their community. Hardworking CEOs and senior leaders want to carry out their responsibilities for running a successful hospital. However, when the board and executive team are not clear about their respective roles or responsibilities, conflict and frustration can result.

Join Erica Osborne and Cindy Fineran to put your knowledge to the test with a real-world case example. Learn what makes these roles difficult to distinguish from one another, what their distinct purposes and responsibilities are, and how to tell the difference.

Erica Osborne, Co-Founder, Via Healthcare Consulting
Erica Osborne has nearly 20 years’ experience working with health care organizations across the country. Her work focuses on the unique and important role of governance; critical issues facing health care organizations today; and empowering boards to make the important policy decisions necessary for organizational success. She provides an industry perspective and challenges boards to analyze and discuss the critical issues facing their organizations.

Cindy Fineran, Senior Consultant, Via Healthcare Consulting

Cindy Fineran has over 25 years’ experience in the health care field. A consultant since 2008, she has extensive experience planning and facilitating leadership retreats; planning and conducting surveys; focus groups and one-on-one interviews with board members and senior leaders; developing case examples for the AHA; and writing white papers and summary reports on a broad range of topics.

The speakers do not have any real or perceived conflicts of interest related to this presentation.

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Differentiate between the role of the board and the role of management.
2. Discuss the difference between responsibilities of the board and those of management.
3. Identify barriers to effective Board-CEO working relationships.
4. Implement processes and strategies for strengthening Board-CEO relationships.
5. Identify logistical steps that support effective board meetings and maintaining governance focus.