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Employment Law Webinar Series

Date: 05/04/2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

This is a webinar series consisting of 4 webinars. The cost is $225 per hospital for all 4 webinars.
This series is hosted by the Iowa Hospital Association.

Part 1: Employees and Social Media
Leigh Campbell Joyce, Partner, Baird Holm
Noon-1 PM CT  | Tuesday, May 4, 2021

This session will discuss common concerns and pitfalls employers encounter with employee social media posting, including policy best practices, compliance with National Labor Relations board guidelines and potential privacy concerns.

Learning objectives:

1. Discuss the proper scope of social media policies under state and federal labor guidelines.

2. Identify possible pitfalls when taking adverse employment action based on social media activity.

3. Outline potential HIPAA violations in social media posts.


Part 2: From Facebook to Firearms: How to Protect Your Organization From Threats and Violence
Heidi Guttau, Partner, Baird Holm
Noon-1 PM CT  |  Tuesday, June 22, 2021

This session will examine what to do if someone threatens to harm an employee, a customer or someone else on your property and what to do if they do commit a violent crime on the premises. This session also will cover the legal steps employers can take to protect themselves and others against threatening and potentially violent people. Discussion will focus on methods for anticipat­ing and reducing the likelihood of employee violence, mitigating liability to victims and preventing negligent hiring, supervision and retention.

Learning objectives:

1. Describe when and how a business can protect itself using restraining.

2. Discuss various strategies for dealing with violent employees, customers and patients.

3. Identify how to avoid negligent hiring, retention and supervision claims.


Americans With Disabilities Act: Common Examples and Best Practices
Sara McCue, Partner, Baird Holm
Noon-1 PM CT | Tuesday, July 6

This session will discuss the basic process for analyzing an accommodation request under the federal Americans With Disabilities Act. The presenter will focus on real-world examples of accom­modation requests and guide the audience through common accommodation requests and how to manage them, including what not to do. Examples will include requests for extended time off, non-obvious disabilities and animals as an accommodation.

Learning objectives:

1. Discuss the process for analyzing an accommodation request.

2. Learn how to be comfortable interacting with employees who request accommodations.

3. Outline best practices in approaching common reasonable accommodation requests.


Avoiding and Defending Retaliations Claims
David Kennison, Partner, Baird Holm
Noon-1 PM CT | Tuesday, Aug. 31

Retaliation claims are among the most-common types of employment discrimination issues and present a variety of challenges for employers. This session will help employers navigate the signifi­cant legal pitfalls that accompany retaliation claims. This includes recognizing protected activities, developing effective policies and procedures to minimize the risk of retaliation claims, and crafting strategies to address them in litigation.

Learning objectives:

1. Discuss how to separate protected activities from adverse actions and practical tips to minimize the risk of retaliation claims.

2. Identify what are protected activities under various state and federal laws.