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CMS Price Transparency-Are You Prepared to Answer Tough Question

Date: 12/17/2018

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

CMS Price Transparency – Are You Prepared To Answer Tough Questions About What Your Hospital Charges?

Presented by: Jolene H. Calla, Rachel Moore, and Laura Stevens Kent - all with the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of PA (HAP)

Target Audience: This webinar is recommended for CFOs, Compliance Officers, Legal Counsel, Directors of Revenue Cycle, Billing and Collection Managers, Media relations staff, Public Relations professionals, trustees, and other hospital leaders that are involved in, or responsible for responding to media inquiries.

Effective January 1, 2019, CMS is requiring hospitals to post their current standard charges via the internet in a machine-readable format updated at least annually.

This requirement will spark renewed media interest and generate additional consumer questions about how much services cost and why. While everyone applauds CMS’ intent to help consumers understand what they will pay out of pocket, hospitals are also keenly aware of the complexity and challenges associated with posting a chargemaster for public use. 

Pennsylvania’s hospitals need to be proactive and prepare key personnel to help consumers navigate these new requirements, and understand what the numbers truly represent. Hospitals must also be ready to communicate externally about the common misconceptions related to standard charges, and the efforts that have been made to make meaningful pricing information available to everyone.

Communications between financial and communications departments, and c-suites, will be critical to ensure everyone is prepared.

After this webinar you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what the 2019 CMS Price Transparency requirements mean for your organization
  • Describe the latest updates from CMS on this rule
  • Compare how hospitals in Pennsylvania are planning to comply
  • Prepare your communications team, finance leadership, and board members with internal and external communications strategies

Faculty will take participants through a mock media interview to help navigate inquiries around what the requirements are, and the potential impacts on quality, competition, and price negotiations. Don’t miss this interactive session to ensure your facility is ready.